The young men selling CDs in Times Square may be amateur rappers, but they are professional hustlers. They stand shoulder to shoulder on both sides of the sidewalk, six, seven, nine, maybe a dozen of them, forming a gauntlet of outstretched arms waving CDs at the endless supply of tourists and college kids and everybody else packing Broadway. It's easy enough to pass through undisturbed. But meet a guy's gaze and his salesmanship hits another level. Now he's standing alongside you, subtly blocking the path. "Ay my man, check out this music right here!" The next thing you know, the pack, sensing weakness, has swarmed like defensive linemen around a quarterback. "Yo, you like hip-hop?" "Ten dollars! CD for $10!" Can't knock the hustle, though. Creative means are necessary when you're trying to sell a man music he's never heard before.

Location Details

Broadway & 42nd-47th St.
New York NY 10036


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