Best Place to Break Up (2013)

Houston Street

Breakups are a bitch, this we know. But if you're looking for the fastest way to rebound, the best place to end it is on Houston Street, a true gateway to every pleasure the city can offer. Think about it: The last thing you want is to end a relationship in a secluded restaurant on, say, the stuffy Upper East Side or, God forbid, in your apartment, where you can wallow in grief for days unnoticed. What you want are choices. So if you feel the end is near, tell your soon-to-be ex to meet on Houston Street. Then, once you've kissed that loser goodbye, you can toast your new life at one of the countless nearby bars, reinvent your look in Soho, take in a movie at the Sunshine, meet a new lover in the East Village, find inspiration at a gallery on the Lower East Side—or all of it! There's no surer path to discovering the next big moment in your life.


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