Best Reassurance That Print Will Survive (2013)

Brooklyn Zine Fest

Though many might question why on earth Matt Carman and Kseniya Yarosh would care about zines in 2013, we're glad they do. This spring, the young bespectacled husband-and-wife team organized the hugely successful second annual Brooklyn Zine Fest at Public Assembly. More than 2,000 attendees came to check out the self-made publications (ranging from Xerox copies to fancy letterpress) of about 85 writers, artists, and publishers, including The Runcible Spoon, a D.C.–based quarterly food zine; Homos in Herstory, which uncovers gems of America's gay past; and SubCulture, a zine all about art found in the subway. Vegan cupcakes, a pop-up library, and the performative comics event Brooklyn Brain Frame were also a part of this year's fun. But don't think it's all a bunch of Gen-Xers clinging to the past. Perhaps the best part of the fest is discovering that even people who grew up with the Internet still love expressing themselves through print.


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