Best Reopened DIY Space (2013)

Silent Barn

Three summers ago, fans of Ridgewood's beloved Silent Barn, the DIY space founded in 2006 by members of the band Skeletons, got back-to-back nights of bad news: On Friday, cops shut down an ongoing show, and on Saturday, the venue was robbed of $15,000 worth of equipment, instruments, furniture, and art. This past winter, after a successful Kickstarter campaign led to a new lease in a new neighborhood (surprise: Bushwick!), good news finally came, and now the Silent Barn is back and better than ever, a great place to dance, look at art, participate in art, or even get a haircut. In September, the Cassette Fair provided a great market for local independent acts, and, in July, the outdoor area provided a welcome refuge from the sweaty interior. Long live Silent Barn! May it never win this category again.

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Location Details

603 Bushwick Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11206


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