Smack dab in the middle of endless baby stroller traffic jams and kale emporiums of Park Slope lies a magical place, a seemingly quaint side-street bar with black curtains, where nary an appletini is served and Iron Maiden reigns supreme. Lucky 13 Saloon regulars swill cheap beer as C-rate slasher films splash copious amounts of blood across the muted TV and the loaded-to-the-gills jukebox blasts metal at all times. Be careful when you order a drink, as there's a good chance one of the go-go dancers strutting across the bar top might knock it over by accident. Hell, the tatted-up dancers might just steal it and spit it back at you with a smile anyway. Imagine Coyote Ugly, but with the kind of vibe where tourists would be beaten into dust. This place is disinfectant for squares.

Location Details

273 13th St.
Brooklyn NY 11215


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