Subway renovations cost millions and are usually never completed when they're supposed to be. But once in a while (like every lifetime or so), when a station is finished, it's as if you hear a hallelujah with every train that arrives at the platform. Such was the case with the Bleecker Street Station, which was finally finished last summer. The station—which opened in 1904, making it one of the oldest in the city—had no crossover or underpass to get from the B, D, F, and M trains to the uptown 6, forcing people to go above ground and pay again for the transfer. Today, all you have to do is take an escalator or elevator to make the easy switch (never again will you see confused tourists hopelessly wandering around Houston Street in search of the 6). And though you might be eager to get to your train, thanks to artist Leo Villareal, who created a beautiful honeycomb of flashing LED lights on the ceiling for a full-on nonstop light show, you might just want to linger a little.

Location Details

Lafayette St.
New York NY 10012


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