Best Theater Company (2013)

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Never has a theater troupe done more with less than the Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Headed by husband-and-wife team Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska (she of the bird's nest hairdos, he of the luxurious mustaches), the company has made its name elevating the most quotidian chitchat to the extraordinary. They have built plays based around half-remembered snippets of Shakespeare, discussions of diet soda, and one man's quest to restage Rambo in his tiny apartment. In their current project, Life and Times, they are constructing an epic 10-part, 24-hour, singing, dancing, confetti-filled celebration of one woman's seemingly ordinary autobiography. If Nature Theater's performances are long and the ideation behind them occasionally heady, their shows are generous, spirited, and overstuffed with unabashed joy.


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