That it's set deep in Alphabet City is no deterrent to the crowds that love Edi & the Wolf, Eduard Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban's beautiful East Village lair that pays homage to the fare of their homeland. Far from the train though it might be, you're still going to want a reservation. Nab one and know that you are not going to find the refined cooking the partners oversee uptown at Seasonal. Rather, this restaurant pays tribute to some of the comfort food staples of Austria, the schnitzel and spaetzle, the liptauer smeared on pumpkin bread, the salmon and pork belly and short ribs. Each dish is so impeccably prepared, though, that you could hardly call it rustic—think of it as a fine-dining approach to home cooking, served with plenty of Austrian wine. Oh, and the digs? They resemble the set of a fantasy movie.

Location Details

102 Ave. C
New York NY 10009


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