Despite our relative proximity to the U.K. (close enough by plane to make a long weekend trip), there are few places in this city doing British food properly, which makes Jones Wood Foundry, an Upper East Side pub, a real gem. Chef Jason Hicks re-works his home country classics to make them better, and so in addition to worthwhile (and fancy) versions of fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, and a real English breakfast (served at brunch), you'll find a prime example of the payoff of Hicks's work in the bangers and mash. Three fat sausages—their casings taut around soft but dense middles—drool juice into their individual beds of ethereal whipped potatoes. A crowning tuft of caramelized onion adds deeper sweet and savory flavors while a hit of jus brings the whole plate together. You'll want to order a sessionable beer or two to wash it all down.

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Location Details

401 E. 76th St.
New York NY 10075


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