With its vibrant West Indian population, Crown Heights has no shortage of Caribbean cuisine; on Nostrand Avenue alone there are three restaurants called Gloria's dishing out this type of fare. And Gloria's Caribbean Cuisine (that's the one between Sterling Place and St. John's Place, in case you get confused) is like fine wheat flour that makes the other places look like chaff. Start your virgin voyage with the rotis; the flaky, paper-thin skins are heaped high with pumpkin, curried goat, and oxtail spiced with thyme, peppers, and shado beni (cilantro's punchier cousin). Come back for the rest of the menu: Dinner portions of hearty stews include two accompaniments plus a side of peas and rice, and the doubles—Trinidadian street sandwiches of bara (fried flat bread) and curried chana (chickpeas)—make a reliably restorative snack.

Location Details

764 Nostrand Ave.
New York NY 11216


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