It'd be easy not to expect much from Punjabi Deli & Grocery, a basement-level establishment. Rows of CDs featuring Indian pop singers line one wall while packaged candies and gum decorate the other, with no more than three feet to stand in between. And then you're required to step up to the counter, where orders are taken for pre-made dishes on display in a case that are scooped into Styrofoam bowls or plates and then microwaved and served with a dollop of yogurt and hot sauce. But taste before you judge, because if you shrug this place off for the presentation, you'll miss out on the chickpeas that burst with flavor and the samosa chaat that crunches with every bite. Rice and two vegetable options, like chana masala, saag, or dal, will run you $3.50. A larger portion with another vegetable is $5. Be sure to top your dish off with the many available spreads, including pickles and chutney. Portions are generous, prices are low, and the hosts are friendly—so raise your expectations.

Location Details

114 E. 1st St.
New York NY 10009


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