El Chivito d'Oro is an Uruguayan spot in the heart of Jackson Heights that deals in traditional meat-centric parrillada fare, and on its sizable menu, you'll find chorizo, veal steaks, and sweetbreads—which come piled by the half-dozen—in every imaginable combination. (Unless you're looking for a combination that comes with sides—salad and fries are afterthoughts and cost extra.) And while all of the carnivorous options are worthy of your attention, we'll pit the skirt steak against any in the city, even those that come with a significantly heftier price tag. Seasoned simply with salt and pepper and infused with the tang of a grill that's possibly never been cleaned (that's why the char tastes so good—meat memories), the thin, tender cut drools juice from a ruby interior, dislodging bits of the savory, heat-formed, iron-tinged crust. This is meat in its quintessential form, and it'll feed your primal instinct to store protein for winter. While you don't need any accessorites, not even the pickled peppers on the side, to distract you from this steak, you're going to want something starchy—like Chivito's fluffy, bland white bread—to soak up the drippings, as well as a light Quilmes beer to polish it off.

Location Details

84-02 37th Ave.
New York NY 11372


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