Best Cure for a Hangover (2013)

Chip Shop

Those in the business of serving proper pints of ale and potent spirits until the wee hours of the morning know the antidote for a booze-fueled bender must involve as many fried things as can possibly fit on a plate. Bacon and sausage help, too, especially when surrounded by fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, greasy potatoes, and a mountain of baked beans. The only thing the Full English Breakfast at Chip Shop is missing is black pudding (but our arteries are thankful for the omission). Throw in as much coffee as you need to sober up, and the $10 meal is a certain cure-all after a big night out. Then again, for $3.50 more, the Full English becomes the "Hangover Special," which includes a buck's fizz, an addition that may set the course for your breakfast turning into a bender itself.

Location Details

129 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11201


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