Scratch the surface of this city's shiny new restaurant façade, and you'll find iconic old dives that have seen decades of change in the demographics of their neighborhoods while still remaining gathering places for drinkers. Some of those spots are simple old drinking dens with rickety bars and a couple of stools; others offer games, jukeboxes, and entertainment alongside the cheap beers and shots of well whiskey. None is quite like 169 Bar, a Lower East Side institution that's been open in some incarnation for going on a century, most recently under the watch of a New Orleans native who installed a raw bar and gave the interior a plucky neon glow. Eat oysters until 4 a.m. and wash them down with $3 beer-shot combos while your night fades into a pool-and-dance-infused oblivion.

Location Details

169 E. Broadway
New York NY 10002


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