We know, we know: Egg and cheese on a roll is a corner deli item, the mediocre breakfast that you buy from a spot you've chosen more based on proximity to your apartment or on the general agreeableness of the owner than on how well the place actually makes the sandwich. But Stage Restaurant offers good reason to go out of your way for this ubiquitous morning staple. The Ukrainian diner turns out a sandwich that's superior because of the details: Two eggs go on the flat top, where they're lightly scrambled (chopped might be a better visual) and hit with a liberal dash of salt and black pepper. When those eggs are close to crispy around the edges, the cook folds in a sheet of orange American cheese, which oozes out of the cracks. The mess goes on a spongy roll swiped with a bit of salted butter; juicy, piquant sausage links, which are halved lengthwise and laid out flat, finish the tight, harmonious stack. Beware the hot grease drippings when you dig in.

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Location Details

128 Second Ave.
New York NY 10003


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