The Harrison was an early adopter of the seasonal farm-to-table mantra, and the kitchen here, under the command of Ari Bokovza since January, is adept at keeping dishes simple to let produce shine. You'll find a number of good examples of that on the menu, but our favorite is the toasted couscous and farro salad, a wholesome treat that combines fluffy grains with pearls of mozzarella, the spark of chiles, fresh mint, and whatever gems the team finds at the market. In the height of the produce season, that might mean sweet corn, crisp radishes, and peppery arugula in a light, bright vinaigrette. But whenever you order this dish, rest assured you'll fill your veggie quota for at least a meal—and you'll come away feeling you didn't have to skimp on enjoyment to do it.

Location Details

355 Greenwich St.
New York NY 10013


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