The weather-worn royal blue awning clinging to San Antonio Bakery II, a humble little bakery overlooking Astoria Boulevard, flaps in the wind over I-278 like a faint beacon signaling visitors from all over the city. Fans make regular trips, but not just for the Chilean pastries, homemade breads, and the shiny dessert counter. Most come for Il Completo, a juicy beef frank tucked into a steaming homemade roll and topped with guacamole, a zigzag of mayo, diced tomatoes, and garlic-rich pebre sauce. The creation is presented on its own little red pedestal; wash this puppy down with a can of Pap (Chilean soda) in the comfort of the modest dining room while regulars fix their gaze upward on the televised soccer games.

Location Details

35-20 Astoria Blvd.
New York NY 11103


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