In the sea of Curry Hill Indian joints, Bhojan, which specializes in Gujarati and Punjabi fare, floats to the top. The restaurant turns out heady curries and hearty stews, all of which are meat-free (and many of which are vegan). One solid way to experience the offerings here is to opt for one of three thalis, which nets you a ring of tiny pots of many dishes that you can spoon over rice and scoop up with hot puri, which emits a satisfying puff of hot air when you tear your first strip of flatbread away from the round. We suspect, though, that like us, you'll wish you'd just opted for the large version of your favorite dish—and besides, not one of those thalis comes with the daal tadka, a vibrant mustard-hued lentil stew enriched with the guttural tone of cumin and spiked with the piercing heat of dried chiles.

Location Details

102 Lexington Ave.
New York NY 10016


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