Best Italian Restaurant (2013)


In the battle for red sauce supremacy, AJ Pappalardo and Al Di Meglio's Nolita pizzeria brings a taste of Staten Island to Mulberry Street with addictive thin crust pies—carbon copies of the crisp rounds that have been coming out of AJ's dad's ovens at Joe & Pat's for over 50 years. Pastas are appropriately al dente, but it's the sausage-heavy lasagna for two that surprises most. A $26 behemoth, it would still be a steal if Di Meglio's cooking were half as competent. Hefty pasta sheets support layers of cheese studded with hunks of fennel sausage and mini meatballs enriched with pecorino. Across the street from Torrisi, Rubirosa gives the golden boys a run for their money with stellar chicken parmigiana. While not as grandiose as Carbone's gargantuan veal chop, the pounded cutlet is sizeable in its own right under a thick blanket of mozzarella and Parmesan.

Location Details

235 Mulberry St.
New York NY 10012


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