Waterfront Ale House owner Sam Barbieri once told us that the West was won with two things: a Winchester rifle and beef jerky. And his jerky, at least, has the bang of a gun—it s seasoned with a special homemade blend of dried chile peppers Barbieri calls "gunpowder" that, even when incorporated with the jerky's sweet barbecue and savory umami flavors, hits you in the mouth with the force of a high-powered firearm. Chewing on this jerky is a transcendental experience. It is tender yet tough, spicy yet sweet, with pieces containing bits of fat that couldn't be cut off before the curing process that can be gnawed on for an eternity. And at just $5 a bag, it beats the hide off of anything sold at the gas station.

Location Details

155 Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11201


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