Best Jewelry-Grade Knife Store (2013)


This temple to the culinary knife is one of those retail stores so specific that it's astounding it can afford Manhattan real estate. The elegant wares at Korin range from preposterously high-end collectible sashimi knives to slightly more practical—but still objet d'art—cutlery for the serious, fiscally flush chef. The place is Japanese in merchandise and presentation; it's quiet and softly lit, and despite the staff's extremely courteous nature, it can still feel a little intimidating to enter the shop and ogle its glittering, blue-lit display cases. Don't fret: The store's shiny surface may seem impenetrable, but the people there are genuinely excited to show you how to get your Wüstof as sharp as you could possibly want it.

Location Details

57 Warren St.
New York NY 10007


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