Every New Yorker has an opinion about the best pizza in New York, but no matter how many pies we try, we continue to return to the legendary Di Fara Pizza on Avenue J in Brooklyn. Each pie is handcrafted by pizzaiolo Domenico DeMarco, who bakes each pizza personally before he tops it with fresh basil and drizzles it with olive oil from a can. An Italian immigrant, DeMarco comes from a family of prized bakers and pizza makers, and he's training his children to take over, but for now, if he's not working, Di Fara's isn't open. All ingredients are imported: The flour, oil, tomatoes, and cheese are brought in from Italy, and the basil comes from Israel. Don't show up too hungry; the wait can exceed two hours at peak pizza craving times.

Location Details

1424 Ave. J
Brooklyn NY 11230


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