Best Place for a Group Dinner (2013)

Royal Bangladesh

As you stroll down Curry Lane in the East Village, ignore the menu-wielding men on every brightly painted doorstep, ushering unwitting tourists and neighborhood noobs inside faster than they can say "Naan." Duck instead into Royal Bangladesh, where the low-ceilinged dining room glows red with chile lights. The food is classic Bengali, cheap and spicy; we particularly recommend the chicken tikka musalom, vindaloo curry, bhujia (fried vegetable fritters), and mango ice cream. In warmer seasons, take a group to the backyard, which is festooned with innumerable tiny lights. You'll be subject to an Indian feast, a chef-directed multicourse family-style tasting adventure for under $20. The spot is also BYOB.

Location Details

93 1st Ave.
New York NY 10003


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