How many ramen restaurants can New York City sustain? Because we thought the scene was saturated a while back, and still the noodle shops keep coming, all turning out serviceable bowls of soup that we often opt for based more on convenience than taste. There are notable exceptions, of course, and our current favorite is Tabata, a noodle shop nestled into a nondescript corner of Hell's Kitchen that has so far avoided commanding the kinds of lines that plague more famous shops of its ilk. You'll find some of the spicier renditions of ramen in the city here, including the pork and chicken broth-based lava-men and the "hellishly hot" gekikara ramen; the curry-imbued namesake dish is a welcome departure from the standard shio, shoyu, miso, and tonkotsu soups you get elsewhere. Never find yourself in this part of the city? Tabata recently opened a second outpost at 38th Street and Eighth Avenue, which is especially convenient for train travelers looking for something better than merely edible within walking distance.

Location Details

540 9th Ave.
New York NY 10018


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