Best Reason to Go to the Bronx (2013)

Bronx Alehouse

If you're looking for a solid reason to do a little exploring in a far-off region of this city, you might consider riding the 1 train up to the Bronx Alehouse, a beer bar that rises above many across the boroughs because it keeps a formidable list of frequently changing local, national, and international craft brews on draft and in bottle. And lest you worry that you'll go hungry on a suds-fueled trek to the hinterlands, rest assured that this pub's food is better than it needs to be and so should be consumed with your pint. We'd snack on the alehouse nachos, which twist the traditional concept of tortilla chips, cheese, and accoutrements into a pile of potato chips saddled with tender hunks of braised barbecue pork, tart pickled onions, and a thick blanket of salty queso fresco. Bonus: This dish is heavy enough to line your stomach for an extra IPA.

Location Details

216 W. 238th St.
Bronx NY 10463


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