Best Spot for Homesick New Englanders (2013)


It's cool right now to claim a New England affinity; it seems everyone's drinking Naragansett and slurping oysters in artistically weather-beaten bars somewhere in Brooklyn. Hate to break it to you: New York is a mid-Atlantic state. For the true Yanks who know that Down East is up north and quahog is something you eat, not pronounce, there's a little clam shack by the Gowanus Canal just waiting to welcome you home. At Littleneck, the lobster roll is made with mayo and piled into a toasted bun (top-split, of course). The $1 oyster happy hour is as good a reason as any to make the trek, and the eponymous mollusk is given its due, fried on a roll, raw on a platter, and in the requisite chowder, creamy and thick. And for when New Englanders want to feel a little fancy, a little downtown, and—dare we say—a little New York, there are nightly specials, artfully plated. The food is enough to make any relocated Sox fan come running, leaving her Rs at the door, to embrace the Yankee lifestyle (and we don't mean the team in the Bronx).

Location Details

288 3rd Ave.
New York NY 11215


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