Tanoshi was poised for sushi stardom from the onset. The bar seats 10 comfortably, 11 if a solo diner is willing to squeeze into a corner spot—a wise choice, as the stool sits directly in front of chef Toshio Oguma—and before Tanoshi switched to phone reservations, hopeful eaters had to trek to the restaurant at 1 p.m. to scribble their names on a sign-in sheet. Together with a bite-size apprentice, a porter, and a waitress, Oguma constructs a meal that includes uncommon offerings such as sea bream, halibut, and crab brains. Dishes for wasabi and soy sauce are nowhere to be seen, leaving a tumble of pickled ginger as the sole condiment (and it's only intended to be a palate cleanser). The spot has recently begun offering futomaki and a tiny but potent cup of miso-tinged fish broth to wind things down before the finale of an almost out-of-place spicy tuna hand roll. After several blazing hot reviews from trusted outlets, these seats are now booked a month in advance.

Location Details

1372 York Ave.
New York NY 10021


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