Best Take on a Classic Snack (2013)

Lassen & Hennig

Re-encountering a fond childhood foodstuff does not always turn out as we hope: When Mom bought us a Kid Cuisine to stick in the microwave when she wasn't going to be home to make dinner, it was a treat. In adulthood, the preservative-laden frozen brick is downright revolting. Lassen & Hennig have taken a childhood treat and outdone nostalgia by baking a version of the classic Hostess cupcake that's better than the original prepackaged dessert. Moist chocolate cake envelopes a healthy dose of cream that's leagues more delicious than its industrial equivalent. But the bakery's approach to the real deal is commendable, right down to the same caliber icing tip used to draw the iconic white squiggle of frosting on the top.

Location Details

114 Montague St.
Brooklyn NY 11201-3428


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