What's better than bacon? Bacon that's been cooked, and cooked again, and then cooked again. At Mission Chinese Food, Danny Bowien's hip subterranean LES lair, the kitchen grabs a hold of classic Sichuan dish twice-cooked pork and thrusts it to new heights. Bacon is braised in ham stock, steamed, and then fried in a skillet before it's loaded with Sichuan peppercorns, slivers of green melon, sweet tofu skin, and fermented black bean. Shanghainese rice cakes are a chewy respite from the pig, and the hints of cilantro and scallion further highlight the frenzy of this feed. The dish is a circus of the senses that is smoky, sweet, bitter, and tongue-numbing all at once. And you'll be so proud of yourself for powering through that peculiar and wonderful meal, you won't give a second thought to what it means for your cholesterol.

Location Details

154 Orchard St.
New York NY 10002


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