Ridgewood's been a neighborhood buzzword this year, bandied about by real estate hobbyists as The Next Place to Blow Up even as they casually ignore the fact that this has been an established family retreat for a long time. We'd like to think that Bunker played some part in drawing eyes to this Queens enclave; the restaurant certainly drew crowds, anyway, despite its relative inaccessibility by train. The journey and the subsequent wait—and there will almost certainly be a wait—are worth it. Once you find yourself crammed into a tiny table, you'll be privy to the best Vietnamese food in the city. It behooves you to bring friends who like to share, but definitely don't miss the pho ga: a curly nest of skinny noodles swim in a garlicky, ginger-infused chicken broth that carries the rich weight of a well-seasoned pot. Spike it with sriracha, hoisin, and a spritz of lime to heighten the flavors. And in colder weather, this soup will warm your bones.

Location Details

46-63 Metropolitan Ave.
New York NY 11385


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