This cavernous used furniture store has all the appeal of a suburban garage sale, only partly due to the fact that it's located in an actual garage. Owners Anthony and Cookie, as well as their family, can often be seen around the store, propped up on a silk couch or kicked back in one of the courtly velvet chairs. The FM mom rock on the radio—actual radio, no Pandora here—contributes to the atmosphere, and sometimes, late at night, facilitates a borderline Lynchian vibe. Far from a stuffy antique store that's run more like a museum, Eclectic Collectibles and Antiques is hands-on. This is used furniture that's meant to be used. Located in the heart of Williamsburg's furniture district, it features pieces from the latter half of the last century, from a rustic coal stove to the best dinette sets of the '80s, not to mention what looks to be a matte black roadster with Tennessee plates done up like the Batmobile. The collection is cluttered but deliberately curated. Delicate covered writing desks class it up while mounted taxidermy and kitsch (check out the poodle ceramics) are very much in the spirit of the neighborhood. Staying open every day until midnight and offering delivery makes it a mighty convenient option.

Location Details

285 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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