There are times when, with scissors in hand, we remember the advice our mother gave us: "Professional haircuts are for suckers." And then there are times when we don't want to look like a pack of feral cats went at it on our head. For the latter, we love High Horse Salon. Owned by Kristi Banister, the Wild West-themed establishment strays from the sleek-but-bleak aesthetic of most high-end salons with horseshoes, saddles, taxidermy, and sepia-toned portraits, all illuminated by Edison bulbs for that old-timey glow. The stylists, on the other hand, are as current as ever with their cuts—and the indie rock they clip to. Young, tatted, and exceedingly hip (but not in an intimidating way), they offer up the latest styles for men at $45 and women at a cool $65. Comparatively, it's a small fee for stylists this intuitive and up on current trends. The best part: moseying on over to the adjoining High Horse Saloon, where you can show off your new cut over a $5 beer-and-whiskey special.

Location Details

103 Havemeyer St.
New York NY 11211


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