Best Place for Non-Comic-Book People to Buy Comics (2013)

Midtown Comics

Aficionados, avert your eyes: You probably already know about Midtown Comics' comprehensive selection and helpful service. But let's say you're one of those people who hasn't bought a comic book—or even a graphic novel—since that day in 1972 when you picked up a copy of Archie's Pals 'n' Gals. You've just started dating an awesome pal or gal who's totally into J.H. Williams III and you'd like to pick up a surprise copy of The Sandman: Overture. Don't be shy: The folks at Midtown, enthusiastic but never condescending, will help you out. The 40th Street store in particular is a friendly, pleasant place to browse. Have a look around—you may get hooked.

Location Details

200 W. 40th St.
New York NY 10018


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