Best Place to Bring Your Sad, Fried Macbook (2013)

Dr. Brendan Mac Repair

With only a steady hand and a YouTube tutorial, Brendan McElroy began fixing the cracked-up MacBooks and iPhones of his friends as a freelance gig in 2009, operating out of his tiny East Village walk-up. Now, four years later, Dr. Brendan Mac Repair has three Manhattan shops, one Park Slope location, and even makes house calls in a logo-emblazoned Fiat. The doctor's success is no surprise—he charges less than half of what the Apple store will run you (for example, an iPhone 4S screen replacement costs $85, and a MacBook Pro screen replacement is $150). But even more than substantial savings, the draw of this budding local chain is its one-on-one approach. Even though he's no longer working from his living room, McElroy and his laid-back staff still give the impression that they're your tech-savvy college buddies, helping you out in exchange for weed (but don't try to pay in weed). Diagnostics are free, even if you decide to go somewhere else, and walk-ins are welcome.

Location Details

8 Saint Marks Place
New York NY 10003


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