Best Place to Stop Before Making a Quick Getaway (2013)


We think New York is the best, clearly. But sometimes you just need to get out of town. Before you do, swing by this emerging Japanese chain. Everything in the new, two-level Cooper Square location of Muji seems geared toward ultra-efficient travel—the store has another branch, fittingly, in JFK. A decidedly simplistic, streamlined design scheme features breezy pastel scarves, all-purpose tunics, basics like socks and underwear, and $13 T-shirts shrink-wrapped to the size of a brownie. Displays demonstrate how, like a flawlessly stacked game of Tetris, this can all fit into your luggage with not a spare square inch of wiggle room. But aside from pushing pragmatism in fashion to a new level, fun extras are also considered: The $12 set of mini colored pencils are ideal for jet-set downtime, and the aromatic oils (which diffuse enticingly throughout the store) are ideal for avoiding old suitcase staleness. Five minutes in here and your packing is done.

Location Details

52 Cooper Square
New York NY 10003


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