Best Vintage Clothing You're Going to Have to Sift Through (2013)

Urban Jungle Vintage

Lengthy industrial racks are packed tight in the sprawling Bushwick warehouse. The wood paneling on the walls clashes with the jazzy orange paint job, which, in turn, clashes with just about every article of clothing in the place. We've seen shirt patterns here that defy our wildest dreams. Yes, Urban Jungle Vintage is vintage shopping in its truest form: an all-out scavenge with the real risk of hideousness. But when you do find that gem—of which there are plenty tucked away here—it's all the more rewarding, and you can be sure it's one-of-a-kind. Thrift is a term that, for once, can be aptly applied: Jeans are a low $10 and tees $7, with outerwear and shoes no more than $40. A day spent hunting here is well worth it for a $15 '70s minidress, if not just the thrill of the hunt.

Location Details

118 Knickerbocker Ave.
New York NY 11237


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