Playing streetball in New York is a rite of passage. The uneven, potholed courts and unforgiving, bent rims often reward toughness as much as skill. But rites of passage suck, especially when you're just trying to shoot some hoops. William Sheridan Playground's basketball court, near the waterfront in Williamsburg, is probably the nicest public court in the city. The fact that it's bigger than a parking space puts it in rarefied air among other New York courts—it's more than large enough for 5-on-5 games. The hoops are even heights and the court is level, which means you don't have to scale a steep gradient every time your team gets a fast break. The asphalt itself is as smooth as a sheet of glass—no inexplicable crevices or mounds here. But don't take our word for it: Ask your ankles; it's their favorite court in the city, too.

Location Details

Grand St.
New York NY 11249


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