With Rudy and Hillary noisily stalking each other, and the subways flooding in Queens, and the occasional street exploding in Manhattan, and tornados touching down in Brooklyn, and your city being run by a billionaire, and Con Ed still in charge of the electricity, don't you have a right to think that the Apocalypse is just around the corner? But before you head down that street, stop and think: If this really was the end—if you had only one more day in glorious Gotham—where would spend your time and your money? What would you do to take your mind off impending extinction? Use this guide to figure it out. And don't panic. After all, you're in New York, the real capital of America, and there's more here than you could ever fit into a lifetime—even if your time hadn't already run out. But since we're all gonna die anyway, you can at least try to squeeze it all in. Who knows? Perhaps we'll even get a few more days before everything falls apart.

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