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Best Bar to Observe Dotcom Absurdity New York 2000 - Slipper Room

If you were invited to any of the hundreds of dotcom launch parties of the last year, chances are you've passed through the storefront-y doors of Tonic and down into its dark cave of a basement. The Lower East Side bar/club has become, along with the Razorfish-sponsored Slipper Room, Silicon Alley's unlikely answer to the Algonquin. Upstairs, at street level, it's a good place to hear live music. Downstairs, though, the giant wine-cask booths that line the wall have provided the setting for many a venture-capital pitch. Which means before slipping into one of the casks, you may want to brush up on your geek-speak: IPOs, WAPs, SQLs, and the like. Of course, if the dotcom game isn't your thing, you can always sneak into one of the darker rear casks, which are perfect for pitches of a more intimate kind.
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