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Best Bowling Alley New York 2000 - Leisure Time Bowling

"Wow, a Luster King conditioning machine!" Steve cried as we headed for our lane, plastic pitcher of Bud in tow. The jazzy '70s carpet and red plastic seating summoned memories of our Jersey childhoods spent in such alleys—only we were on Level 2 of the Port Authority bus terminal. Incredibly, that's where Leisure Time Bowling sets up its pins. You won't see the Silicon Alley trendies that infest Bowlmor here, just regular joes, a sports bar and video arcade, and the all-important snack counter (hurrah for mozzarella sticks!). Games cost $5.25 per person weekdays after 5 p.m. and on weekends ($4.25 weekdays before 5); shoe rental is $3.50. Follow signs for Gates 220-234
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