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Best Club Cheater Guide New York 2000 - Flyer

Why put up with annoying 16-year-old street promoters waiting to pounce on you outside a club with cheesy poster-sized rave adverts, or bother with collecting mountains of brochures at record stores around town, when you've got a magazine that does all of that for you, and more? You can pick up Flyer once a month, read funny, snarky reviews and previews of upcoming shows, and learn about every single DJ event on Planet New York. The Flyer folks have such a successful gadget on their hands that they are expanding the magazine to include San Francisco and Tokyo, and expanding to a Web site, too. The best part: You can fit the literally flyer-sized mag in your back pocket, so you always know what's going on, and when. Available at local vinyl record stores and cafés.
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