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Best Men's Clothing Shop For DJs (Or Those Who Just Want to Look Like One) New York 2000 - Memes



3 Great Jones St.

New York, NY 10012


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What to do when you've outgrown the massive UFO pants and the chips on your skateboard? You go to Memes, filled with smart, unpretentious gear from streetwear labels like Generic Costume, Leftfield, and Soul Rebel. Owner Tetsuo Hashimoto borrowed anthropologist Richard Dawkins's term memesis, the interchange of cultural forms—an accurate name for a shop that caters to the generation of guys that came up when rock and turntable/sampler worlds coagulated. DJs who favor Memes typically leave their mix tapes for sale at the counter; it's not unusual to hear the throttle of a drum'n'bass track followed by David Bowie's "Heroes" on the vintage air-injection sound system.
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