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Best Movie Theater to End It All After Seeing a Dud New York 2000 - AMC's Empire 25

AMC\'s Empire 25

AMC's Empire 25

234 W. 42nd St.

New York, NY 10036


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Forking over $9.50 for a movie that turns out to be awful or enduring someone's thoughtless jabber during one that's good can be a depressing experience. Now there's a convenient way to remedy those blockbuster blues. On the upper levels of AMC's Manhattan monsterplex, the Empire 25, among the maze of one-way escalators and dead-end corridors, are three open-air observation decks. These platforms offer gorgeous views of Midtown and—with their chest-high, rail-less walls—the perfect opportunity to end it all after a particularly bad moviegoing experience. Does the theater's suicide potential worry AMC? "We could have a chain-link fence up around them," claims a company official, "and if somebody's desperate enough they're going to do the deed." It must have slipped his mind that Battlefield Earth opened here.
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