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Best Mutimedia Space New York 2000 - Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

It makes sense that Brooklyn Bridge master architect John Roebling once wrote an essay entitled "Roebling's Theory of the Universe." Only the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, a space with its very own cosmology, could make a crowd so joyously endure Glenn Branca's loud-as-hell Symphony No. 12 and the chest-rattling drones of Granular Synthesis's sound-and-video installation as they did at "Creative Time in the Anchorage" last summer. We could've all died happy in that subterranean cathedral, under those warm 40-foot-high arches. . . . Or maybe everyone else just had earplugs. Take the 2 or 3 train to the Clark Street stop or the A or C train to the High Street stop, walk down Cadman Plaza West toward the river, under the BQE overpass, and enter to the right.
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