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Best Non-Multiplex Multiplex New York 2000 - BAM Rose Cinemas

BAM Rose Cinemas

BAM Rose Cinemas

30 Lafayette Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11217


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A huge but welcoming comfort zone, BAM Rose Cinemas boasts the finest multitheater filmgoing amenities in the five boroughs. Featuring vast screens, plush (and steep!) stadium seating, a mix of Angelika-ish current releases and quirky repertory programming, good-natured clientele who remember to turn off their cell phones (one glaring exception: July 9, 9:30, Fallen Angels. All four of you—for shame!), and downright daunting concession stands offering Ben & Jerry's, iced coffee, and deep bins of self-serve bulk candy, BAM's subway-convenient fix for your movie jones suggests the happy marriage of a well-kept googoplex and the Walter Reade, honeymooning in Fort Greene.
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