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Best Person to Go to for Cabaret Songs New York 2000 - John Bucchino

The boîte woods are full of adept songwriters, all of whom have the craft and drive to produce actable, singable new songs. But John Bucchino is the man of the moment. Substantiation lies in the entertainers who agreed to interpret songs on his first CD, Grateful, The Songs of John Bucchino. Judy Collins, Art Garfunkel, Jimmy Webb, and Michael Feinstein signed on, as did David Campbell and Patti LuPone. Though the songwriter mixes his tempos, and the subjects he tackles can turn from earnest to cynical on a dime, he never veers from a solid melodic line and a facility for making strong, often smartly argued, statements. His song he likes best is called "Unexpressed," a condition that couldn't be farther from his abilities.
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