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Best Place to Indulge Your Obscure Music Obsession New York 2000 - The Museum of Television and Radio

Show up at the Museum of Television and Radio at opening time, or you'll be waiting around all day. Get a pass to the library. If you don't feel like watching the featured exhibits, get a bite to eat. Then go up to the library and look up that famous-or-otherwise band from the '60s or '70s in their database. Chances are, they've got some talk-show performance or televised concert or something, somewhere in their archives—I gasped audibly when I found out they had an appearance by late '60s James Brown protégé Marva Whitney on Playboy After Dark, and my friend was delighted to see live footage of a very young Les Paul and Mary Ford. You can't check the tapes out, but you can watch them from very comfortable chairs.
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