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Best Resident Pets at a Music Retailer New York 2000 - Generation Records

Generation Records

Generation Records

210 Thompson St.

New York, NY 10012


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The initial allure of Generation Records is simple: offbeat tunes at decent prices, sans the shoebox conditions of Other Music or the icky Astor Place milieu of Mondo Kim's. The shop's real spirit, though, resides in its feline fauna: Reed acts the mascot, he of sleek black coat and haughty demeanor; yet one can't help wondering if this cat's really a troubled soul, sensitive about the extra digits sprouting from his otherwise dainty paws. Tawny fluffball Archie, on the other hand, could be Kitty Ambassador, courting visitors before retiring among the Springsteen box sets. Yet it's impish Lulu who truly embodies the upstart charm of the place: Prone to treading on the merchandise, this precocious youngster nearly brained an employee with gleaming ductwork during a recent, ill-considered leap towards the ceiling. A Generation veteran, he hardly flinched.
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