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Best Sound Per Square Foot New York 2000 - Brownies

For a small rectangular room with concrete floors and brick walls, Brownies sounds awful damn good. How do they do it? Imported high-dollar high-tech Japanese sound equipment? The concave ceiling? The copper bar? Gnomes, trolls, and brownies that live underground and have dug a network of elaborate sound-enhancing tubes and tunnels? None of the above, but I'd hate to squelch any rumors of the last. Co-owner, booker, and manager Mike Stuto credits their quality sound to the simple fact that all the sound guys really know the room. They've all worked there for years, and they're all musicians with good ears who actually give a fuck (though they've all dealt with way too many musicians with "more-me-in-the-monitor" complex). Pretty impressive, considering that 75 percent of the bands don't even sound check.
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