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Best Staten Island Bar New York 2000 - Cargo Café - CLOSED

Cargo Café

Cargo Café

120 Bay St.

Staten Island, NY 10301


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You can't miss Cargo Café; it's right there on Bay Street, a few blocks east of the ferry terminal. And it's got this, I dunno, ribbon painted all over it. Before that, it's been star-spangled, plaid, decked out with flying eggbeaters. Art. Which you can contemplate while absorbing a well-pulled pint or two in the garden. You prefer inside? There's art there, too, lurking somewhere in the old-saloon gloom. So perhaps the Cargo Café ain't the most authentic Staten Island watering trough. On the island, let's say, not of it. But if, like me, you're too old for the discos on Hylan Boulevard and too civilian for cop bars, those stars and stripes sure are a welcome sight.
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